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Construction Services
Trepte Construction Company, Inc. provides significant and varied experience to assist teams of experts pursuing construction defect litigation. Trepte has been in business in Southern California for over 115 years. As one of the oldest construction firms, with varied projects in its background, Trepte is able to provide standard of care, cost estimation services, destructive testing, and prototypical repairs as required for litigation.

Trepte has provided expert witness testimony for clients since 1984. Mr. Gabrielson, the owner and president of Trepte, has testified in excess of two hundred fifty times, and provides valuable assistance during the mediation process.

Destructive Testing / Prototype Repairs
Trepte’s field crews have over twenty years experience in performing the destructive testing required for construction defect litigation. Trepte works closely with various design professionals to provide the most efficient and cost effective methods to support their work.

Work can be performed from swing stages, or scaffolding as the project requires. Trepte also provides water testing, maintaining samples, prototypical repairs, and court exhibits. The majority of the work is performed by Trepte employees for control of workmanship and quality.



Post Litigation Construction Defect Remediation
Trepte has helped many clients correct deficiencies discovered during litigation. We pride ourselves in performing the rework to a very high standard and in the least invasive way possible. We are open to a variety of contracting methods at the choice of our clients. Due to our extensive background in a variety of construction projects, we are able to assist our clients in formulating the best methodology.

Trepte’s field crews and field managers have significant experience in all phases of construction. Each of our managers has over of thirty years of experience. As most field work is performed by our own crews, we have direct and immediate control of the work.